About London

Nobody ever planned London. Its growth was propelled by great events and great individuals, and its history is vividly reflected in its monuments... Nearby attractions include


Tower Bridge
One of London's most unusual and exciting exhibitions is situated inside the towers and engine rooms of the bridge. Animatronic characters from the bridge's past guide visitors through a series of audio-visual presentations. No tour of London is complete without a trip to the world's most famous attraction.

It's a must for every visitors photo album. But Tower Bridge is more than just a photo opportunity. The spectacular outside is only part of the story there's far more to see and do on the inside.

London Zoo
Visiting London Zoo is fantastic fun, but underlining all the amazing animal action you'll witness, there is a very important message. All the animals you see at the Zoo are here for a reason.

FACT: Over 100 of the species you'll see today in London Zoo are facing extinction in the wild. Take a walk on the wild side at London Zoo and get close to some of the world's most facinating animals, from Asian Lions and Sloth Bears to giant Seychelles Millipedes. Our Events Programme entertains all year round, giving you the chance to share our love of animals and witness a good zoo in action.

For More Detail : London Zoo, Regent's Park, London NW1 4RY,
Tel : 020 7722 3333, Fax : 020 7586 6177

Madame Tussaud's
Prepare for your emotions to shaken and stirred!
You are about to enter the mysterious and facinating world of Madame Tussaud's. Here you'll meet the good, the bad and the downright ugly. And if you enjoy this experience, you'll be more amazed if you visit Madame Tussaud's for real!

This is the ultimate time travel ride.
THE SPIRIT OF LONDON whisks you through the sights, sounds and smells of 400 years of London life with amazing animatronic figures and sound effects.
From the Great Fire to Wren's London and the Blitz to the swinging 60's, you are trated to a whistel-stop tour across four centuries.

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